Our Business Segments

We are a must-run sector that gathers, compresses, treats, processes, transports, stores, and sells natural gas, as well as produces, fractionates, transports, stores and sells natural gas liquids and recovers and sells condensate, and transports, stores and sells propane in wholesale markets. The Partnership’s operations are organized into three business segments:
  • Natural Gas Services
  • NGL Logistics
  • Wholesale Propane Logistics
Our assets are shown here along with those of DCP Midstream, LLC which operates our assets and provides us with other services. Collectively, the DCP enterprise has a significant presence in most major U.S. producing basins and is well positioned to participate in many existing and emerging shale plays.

Authorized Traders

For a list of DCP Partners authorized traders and their physical transactions click here.

The Partnership within DCP Enterprise

DCP Enterprise Stats1

YTD September 2016 Volumes
Gathered and Processed - 6.0 TBtu/d
Natural Gas Liquids - 400 MBbls/d

61 Plants/Treaters, 12 Fractionators
64,300 miles of pipeline

1 Includes both DCP Midstream Partners and DCP Midstream